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Home Security Advice

Your home security.....Please take five minutes to consider the following advice about the security of your home:

  • Consider changing all outside door locks when you move home
  • Fit a BS3621 mortice lock to your front door (the bolt must now be 20mm long to meet your insurance requirements please check this)
  • Fit a 5-lever BS3621 mortice lock together with top- and bottom-operated bolts to side and back doors
  • Fit appropriate locks to the top and bottom of french windows and patio doors
  • Fit window locks to ground floor and upstairs windows this is an insurance requirement
  • Don't leave door keys in visible or obvious places such as under the doormat or within 'fishing' distance of your letterbox
  • Lock all your doors and windows when you go out
  • Don't leave ladders lying around
  • Keep your sheds and outbuildings locked; burglars will use YOUR tools to gain access to YOUR house
  • Cable down and secure your lawnmowers, bicycles and gas barbeques, even inside your shed or garage, and your home PCs and laptops
  • Close your curtains and leave a light on in the lounge and bedroom if you are going out for the evening; a simple timer can be fitted to internal lights
  • Always activate your intruder alarm before you go out many insurance companies will refuse to pay out if you are burgled and you did not activate an alarm
  • Don't leave curtains and blinds drawn during the day they will attract burglars
  • Cancel your milk and paper deliveries if you are going on holiday and ask a neighbour to remove any post or newspapers left showing in your letterbox
  • Mow your lawn before you go on holiday.